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Leadership Award

Dr. Polly Bart of Greenbuilders, Inc.

Project Award, Existing Building Performance

Canton Crossing Existing Building Sustainability Practices Case Study

Project Award, Green Building Legacy Award

National Business Parkway N400 Campus

Project Award, Community Champion

City Arts 2

Project Award, Green Schools: Higher Education

R.V. Truitt Laboratory Building

Project Award, Green Schools: K-12

Wilde Lake Middle School

Project Award, Interiors

JP2 Architects Office Interior

Project Award, New Construction

Richard and Virginia Holt Center, Sultana Education Foundation

Project Award, Residential

Anthem House

*Note: Because USGBC Maryland's Wintergreen awards ceremony previously took place in January, up until 2018, awards were given for the previous year. So in 2018, the 2017 award winners were announced; in 2017, the 2016 winners were announced. Nomenclature was changed in 2019 so that 2019 awards were given in that year. For this reason, there are no 2018 award winners listed.
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