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2018 LEADERSHIP Award Winners

Collaboration and partnership is key to advancing environmentally and socially responsible buildings. The Leadership Awards recognize individuals and organizations who are helping make sustainable communities a reality in the D.C. metro area.

Awards were not given in all categories.  This is done when there were no submissions, or were not submissions which met, in the judging panel’s opinion, the standard of excellence and innovation that the Leadership Awards are intended to recognize.

Excellence in Government, Advocacy, or Policy

Advocacy plays an important role in who we are and what we do. We believe that the green building movement has the power to change the way we live today and the ability to transform the legacy we leave tomorrow. Successful, game-changing advocacy starts at the local level. Applicants for this award will have worked to bring about real and meaningful change through local codes, the use of LEED in more communities, the construction of green schools, the collection of key building performance data and in many other areas where green building approaches are established and successfully implemented. Applicants should demonstrate, in their application, their contributions in one or more of the following areas:

Leadership with LEED

Improving Energy Data Access

Mainstreaming Building Benchmarking

Greening our Schools

Improving Housing

Building Better Codes

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WINNER - Anica Landreneau

Select Notable Application Excerpts
  • "Anica has long demonstrated an above and beyond commitment to establishing the DMV as a leader in sustainable building through local advocacy work. She supported DC's green building policy development and implementation for 10 years and has authored several green building project management, design, operations and permitting guidelines for the District. She served two terms on DC's Green and Energy Codes TAG and is in her second term on the Mayor's Green Building Advisory Council. She has also served as an industry advisor to Montgomery County and Arlington County on green codes, alternative compliance paths and incentives."

  • "Most recently in Montgomery County, Anica worked to ensure that the County's adoption of the IgCC included LEED as a third-party compliance path, maintaining the County's leadership in sustainable development. Anica also supported the implementation of the code by participating in education efforts such as the IgCC panel at the 2018 Montgomery County Energy Summit."

  • "Anica currently serves on the USGBC National LEED Advisory Committee and the AIA National Codes and Standards Committee, and has been appointed to the 2019 International Codes Council Group B Commercial Energy Code Development Committee."

Anica Landreneau, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP, WELL AP

Senior Principal, Global Director of Sustainable Design at HOK; Board of Directors

WINNER - Arlington Green Building Program

Select Notable Application Excerpts
  • "Arlington's incentive program was the first green building program in the region, and uses LEED to guide the design and construction of environmental sustainable buildings."

  • "The data indicates that even though Arlington's population has increased by over 20,000 new residents over the 10-year period, building energy and water usage has remained stable and is beginning to trend down."

  • "Despite not begin able to 'require' LEED certification [since jurisdictions in Virginia are not allowed to require anything more stringent than what the State building code requires], Arlington leads Virginia in LEED projects, with over 350 LEED certified buildings. This leadership is evidenced by the USGBC data published in January 2018 reporting that Virginia and Maryland are in the top 10 states for green building..."

  • "Arlington's green building incentive program has resulted in approximately 6,000 LEED certified apartment/condo units and 4 million square feet of LEED office/mixed use space in the County. All projects are located in transit friendly neighborhoods, focused on healthy indoor air quality and recycle 80+% construction waste."

Arlington County Office of Sustainability

2100 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 900
Arlington, VA 22201

Arlington Green Building Program


WINNER - Lida Lewis

Select Notable Application Excerpts
  • "...One of the first to attain the WELL AP credential, taking the exam in the winter of 2015 and passing as one of the first 100 to simultaneously be awarded WELL AP status in December 2015. She quickly upped the ante on this credential, becoming a WELL Faculty member, still a small and focused group worldwide, in the summer of 2016."

  • "As a Director of Sustainability and Senior Project Designer and Manager at a OTJ Architects in Washington, DC, Lida first started her efforts on education, both firm wide and externally."

  • In 2016, Lida took on a new role with a new firm...she has been actively, passionately involved in leading HKS’ global efforts in wellbeing as their Director of Wellbeing Design, spearheading various WELL project efforts and pursuits globally."

  • "Lida’s role in this is instrumental, focusing efforts forward in education, accreditation, certification, and building bridges between various sectors and departments—as well as managing HKS’ Global Alliance Partnership with Delos."

  • "She’s also presented from Oman to LA, Dubai to Atlanta, to hundreds of professionals on a variety of Wellbeing Design topics, and published several articles as well."

  • "Before the WELL exam was released, she was engaged as a Subject Matter Expert to assist in the review and development of a portion of the exam itself. In 2016, Lida led the effort to put on the USGBC-NCR’s successful #WeAreWELL education series...which brought together diverse panels of medical professionals, ergonomists, lighting specialists, practitioners, and preeminent researchers..."

  • "Lida was also one of the small cohort of Working Group Members involved in the development of the WELL Community Standard in 2016-2017.  Continuing on into 2018, Lida has additionally served as a SME early pre-release reviewer for WELL v2, harnessing a personal network of experts inside and outside her firm to provide a thorough review highly praised by the IWBI."

  • "Lida has furthermore also been selected to an elite group of SMEs for the WELL Concept Advisories which will carry the effort of developing wellbeing design through the WELL Standard forward through WELL v2."

  • "Looking forward, Lida is excited to continue developing more in this space. Plans for research projects with Delos and others are underway, new projects are being continually targeted, and education opportunities will be a big part of her plans for the future."

Lida Lewis, IIDA, WELL Faculty, WELL AP, LEED AP ID+C, Fitwel Ambassador

WINNER - Healthy Buildings

Select Notable Application Excerpts
  • "Healthy Buildings is a certified B Corp, submits to the Climate Registry annually, and practices what we preach to the extent possible."

  • "Over the past 3 years, we've...turned the lens inwards, creating the Healthy Buildings Green Team. [As part of these efforts, we] also kicked off an annual air quality inspection in all our offices to benchmark our office air quality and provide technical advice to landlords where possible."

  • "...our planned next 'challenges' across our national offices include...awarding the most active office (via walking meetings, standing desks, and fitbit metrics.)"

  • "In the past five years, while we had already been completing more reactive acoustic and lighting studies for hearing and vision protection for clients over the past two decades, we’ve seen a re-focus on health & wellness in the commercial building environment. This parallels the adoption of proactive annual indoor air quality programs, which first began as responses to odors or acute symptoms that prompted more reactive air studies."

  • "In recent years, a better industry understanding of health and wellness has re-categorized our existing services with respect to commercial buildings, and has led to a formal adoption of systems like the WELL building standard, Harvard School of Pulbic Health’s 9 Foundations, and Fitwel."

3251 Old Lee Highway Suite 100
Fairfax, VA 22030
United States

Healthy Buildings


WINNER - AstraZeneca MedImmune

Select Notable Application Excerpts
  • "The Gaithersburg campus led the way in energy conservation and carbon emissions reduction at MedImmune and AstraZeneca. In 2010, we pledged to reduce our energy intensity by 25% by 2020 through the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Better Plants® program, and are currently on target to meet that goal."

  • "In 2014, we were the first biotech company to receive certification under DOE’s Superior Energy Performance program, and we were re-certified to the program at the Gold level for 2017-2020. We were the first biotech laboratory facility registered to the ISO 50001 Energy Management standard, and were re-registered in 2017 for the 3-year period through 2020."

  • "Since of the end of 2015, 100% of our purchased electricity has been backed by renewable wind energy. In 2016, we installed a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant to reduce our carbon footprint. By capturing and using heat from electricity generated by the CHP, we reduce carbon emissions by over 30% when compared to using the conventional electric utility grid...A second CHP plant is planned for 2019."

  • "Low-flow fixtures and smart irrigation sensors help conserve water on campus. Additionally, we capture usable “reject” water for use in cooling towers, lowering our fresh water consumption...Our childcare center building harvests and conditions roof runoff rainwater for use in toilet flushing, and captures additional runoff for manual watering of gardens."

  • "Not only do we recycle typical items such as paper, cardboard, bottles and cans, glass, used oil and yard debris, we also recycle ink cartridges, batteries, light bulbs, self-serve coffee machine packets, cafeteria grease, electronics, and nearly all construction debris. We have established routes of re-use for items such as furniture, office supplies, laboratory equipment, pallets, and drums. In September 2016, we launched our Zero Waste Café program to include composting in our main cafeteria. We contract recyclers who reprocess our waste directly into a usable product, such as composting our food prep, plates, cups and utensils from our ZeroWaste café. In August 2017, we expanded our compost program to all our pantry and town hall (lunch break rooms) areas and restrooms. Our cafeteria, pantry and town halls now have the potential to produce virtually little to no waste, if items are discarded in the appropriate bins. We donate unserved cafeteria food to our neighbors through Nourish Now. We have a mechanism for our scientist to share chemicals rather than buying excess. We also host a CSA pick-up from a local farm on campus for employees to utilize."

  • "In 2016, we started a Lab Chemical Share (ChemShare) and Chemical Container Recycle and Reuse program, which has helped reduced the amount of lab chemicals purchased and eliminated one-time use of chemical container drums. Starting in 2017, we partnered with Triumvirate to reprocess our laboratory plastics and biohazardous laboratory waste into plastic lumber through their “Red2Green” program. In 2017, we switched our printers to include a, “badge swipe” to access print jobs. This resulted in over 12,000 pounds (6,200,000 Sheets) of paper saved from overprinting within the first quarter of implementation."

  • "Our newest building, a Childcare Center opened in late 2017, pursing LEED Platinum certification. Renovation projects include high efficiency LED lighting, daylight harvesting, and occupancy sensors for all office areas, conference rooms, open areas, and garages; automated window shades are used in key areas to provide sun or shade as needed to moderate temperature; low-flow fixtures."

One MedImmune Way
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
United States

AstraZeneca Medimmune


Select Notable Application Excerpts
  • "Our company culture is steeped in sustainable values...Well over half of Above Green employees hold degrees in environmental science, some focusing specifically on sustainability."

  • "In almost every project we work on, we push for the completion of Green Building Education. We feel that promoting education of the effects of sustainable building on the environment and human health are of the utmost importance in encouraging sustainability. This is especially true in schools..."

  • "Above Green is committed to community outreach in as many ways as possible. Whether it be our roadside cleanups or working with local schools. For example, we just completed a Green Apple Day of Service Project with a local school, Middleburg Montessori...We tested the base indoor air quality, assisted in the design and construction of a living wall and tested the post wall air quality."

  • "Above Green has implemented a conscientious consumption policy. This policy takes a look at all the products and services the company uses on a daily basis and evaluates how these can be better."

8 Jay Street, PO Box 886

Middleburg, VA  20117
United States

Above Green

HONORABLE MENTION - American University

Select Notable Application Excerpts
  • " 2010, the Board of Trustees approved the school’s Climate Action Plan which set the ambitious goal of carbon neutrality by 2020, along with other goals including green building standards. At the time, AU was the only school in Washington, DC to have announced such a plan. After following an innovative three-step plan towards carbon neutrality, American University announced that it reached its goal two years early, in April 2018, becoming the first university, first research university, and first urban higher education campus in the United States to achieve carbon neutrality."

  • "More than 327 courses offered each year include sustainability, and sustainability is included in the university-wide learning outcomes. AU recognizes teachers who integrate sustainable practices into how they teach (i.e. going paperless) through the Green Teaching Program, which has more than 500 certified Green Teachers."

  • "Between 2012 and 2017, facilities staff completed 54 energy conservation projects, saving an estimated 15,722 MMBTUs annually. Projects included piloting MeteoViva which reduces energy use by predicting a building’s future heating and cooling demand and installing sub-meters in all buildings over 15,000 GSF, and replacing 99% of all pneumatic controls with energy efficient digital controls. Across campus electricity use is down 20% per square foot compared to 2005."

  • "In 2016, AU because the first school in the region to partner with WMATA and offer U•Pass to students...In 2017, AU earned recognition as a Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly University from The League of American Bicyclists for bicycle friendly practices, including availability of bicycle shares, bicycle commuter showers, and a safe biking programming."

  • "AU hosts 2,500 solar panels on campus which include a combination of a PPA and AU-owned solar installations."

  • "AU started the process of long-term resilience planning through engagement with the DOEE, DC universities, and the Nature Conservancy."

Office of Sustainability

4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW

Washington, DC  20016
United States

American University


Select Notable Application Excerpts
  • "We believe our portfolio-wide approach to sustainable development, operations, and investment aligns
    with our broader corporate efforts to maximize investor returns and ensure tenant satisfaction."

  • "A central component of our development and investment strategy is transit-oriented growth. 98% of
    JBG SMITH operating assets are Metro-served."

  • "In new developments, all projects complete a comprehensive design and assessment process whereby
    energy and water efficiency features are analyzed on their long-term operational impacts. We also vet
    new technologies that have the potential to contribute to improved building performance."

  • Certification & Education Stats

    • JBG SMITH owns and manages over 17.7 Million SF of LEED Certified space in the NCR

    • JBG SMITH has 1.1 Million SF of LEED space under construction

    • JBG SMITH owns and manages over 16.4 Million SF of ENERGY STAR Certified Space in the N​CR

    • Over 11 Million SF of commercial buildings being benchmarked in Arc

    • 5.4 Million SF recertified using the LEED Performance Score

    • 38 employees with LEED Credentials

  • "Each year JBG SMITH employees volunteer thousands of hours each year as part of JBG SMITH Cares’
    Days of Giving program. Through Days of Giving, JBG SMITH employees receive paid time off to make
    a difference in the communities where they work and live. They support strategic community nonprofit
    partners by volunteering their time and expertise, helping to repair homes, prepare meals, and clean up
    public spaces and parks."​

  • "A unique and innovative part of our energy management program is the JBG SMITH Tenant Service
    Center (TSC), which manages energy efficiency through real-time monitoring and management
    of energy usage through sophisticated software tools and demand-limiting strategies. The TSC is
    staffed 24-hours a day, 7 days a week with a licensed operating engineering providing a high level
    of customer service and resiliency for our buildings."

  • "JBG SMITH is a participant in the Department of Energy Better Buildings Challenge and has committed
    to a 20% reduction in energy usage across the office portfolio by 2024. Since 2014, JBG SMITH has
    improved energy performance by an average of 3% each year, which is consistent with a cumulative
    improvement of 10%."

4445 Willard Avenue Suite 400

Chevy Chase, MD 20815

United States



WINNER - Bala Srini

Bala Srini, LEED AP BD+C, Fitwel Ambassador

Green Building Consultant/ Net Zero Energy Consultant, DVA Energy/DVA Architects

Select Notable Application Excerpts
  • "Bala is a LEED Accredited Professional and a Director at DVA Energy, a division of DVA Architects, LLC. He has also been a long-standing member of USGBC-NCR’s Montgomery County Committee, and in 2017, volunteered to take on the committee chair position...Bala has shown a drive and passion for advancing green building strategies in Montgomery County and the DMV region."

  • "Since joining DVA in 2005, Mr. Srini has led the LEED design and documentation effort for over 7 million square feet of LEED Silver and Gold level award structures that include new and existing commercial, educational, industrial, and multi-family residential projects. Key projects include two Waste to Energy facilities, several LEED Gold Data Centers, mixed use multi-family buildings, major renovation of existing buildings and Net Zero Energy projects."

  • "Mr. Srini was selected and has successfully completed a LEED Reviewer Training Course in Oct. 2009 conducted by Green Building Certification, Inc. (GBCI). Mr. Srini is an USGBC pro-reviewer (experienced subject matter experts who provide trusted review of courses in education at USGBC) for GBCI. Mr. Srini is also an adjunct faculty at Montgomery College, teaching LEED Green Associate prep courses to expand the number of LEED accredited professionals in the area."

  • "As a member, and now in his role as committee chair, Bala has been extremely active in USGBC’s efforts and activities. Recently, he’s organized a number of educational and interactive events for USGBC-NCR, including the hard-hat tour of the new United Therapeutics net-zero-energy building in Downtown Silver Spring and the campus tour of MedImmune in Gaithersburg."

  • "He actively encourages new members to join the committee and ensures that everyone on the committee feels comfortable bringing their ideas to the table."

WINNER - Liz Resnic

Liz Resenic, LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP, Fitwel Ambassador

Sustainability Specialist, Gensler

Select Notable Application Excerpts
  • "When I first moved to the area, Liz was very active at Emerging Professional events and on the listserv. She quickly moved into the EP leadership role and continued to expand the group's efforts around networking, learning and service."

  • Liz not only leads the group, but actively attends local chapter events - Master Classes, networking, and weekend service efforts."

  • "While the EP group has been under her guidance, the variety of events has grown tremendously. What was mostly happy hours when I joined has grown into true professional skills development - expanding EP events to include tips from networking pros and human resources managers."

  • "Of course, we don't want to eliminate happy hours, so Liz helped the group improve them. I never imagined that a Nats Stadium tour would be one of my most diverse networking events with so many new contacts, or that the Wundergarden event which was socialized with Green Drinks to expand the network within the community.

  • Within our Gensler office, Liz has also done a tremendous job of engaging a larger sample of our employees of the DC office at major NCR events. The sustainability consulting team of six people were the usual suspects at any Green Tie or A Midsummer Night's Green event, but Liz has convinced office leadership to include project architects and designer from the office's LEED projects to attend as well."

WINNER - Susan Dawson

Susan (MacLean) Dawson, LEED AP BD+C

Marketing and Communications Manager, GHT Limited

Select Notable Application Excerpts
  • "After arriving at MEP firm GHT Limited in September 2016...she grew increasingly engaged in volunteering with the Chapter and attending every event she could. From the 2017 Green Tie Affair to the Montgomery County Energy Summit and USGBC MD’s Engineering Green conference, Susan eagerly shared the Chapter’s hard work and good news across multiple online platforms to expand their reach and visibility."

  • "Susan was selected and served as Co-Chair for the 2017 MSNG event with her partner, Giuliana Kunkel, another kindred spirit in her growing circle of green building friends and colleagues. Together, they led their committee through nearly four months of rigorous planning, advertising and fundraising to prepare
    for the event on July 20, 2017 at DC’s Arena Stage."

  • "Susan personally oversaw many aspects of marketing for the event, including authoring a blog on “How to Plan a Green Event: Tips from the USGBC National Capital Region” which was later published by USGBC National to share with their entire North American community."

  • "Susan volunteered her time and presentation expertise with GHT’s Senior Principal Jeffrey Salay to help USGBC-NCR launch their LEED v4 MasterClass series in Fall 2017. Across three months, Susan worked closely as a liaison between USGBC-NCR and GHT’s technical team to develop one of the first classes in the series “The Ins and Outs of Existing Building Commissioning – Analysis Credit”."

  • "When the call was issued for committee volunteers for the 3rd Annual Women in Green Power Breakfast, Susan ...was selected for the program committee and again delivered her marketing savvy to aid USGBC-NCR in developing a media kit, spreading the word about the event and advertising day-of highlights on social media. When USGBCNCR decided to partner with the DC organization, Community of Hope, Susan quickly and efficiently spread the word to attendees about bringing donation items to the breakfast. She partnered with committee member Megan Litke from American University to deliver donated items to the Community of Hope South Capitol Street healthcare and community center following the breakfast."

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