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Fun Green Facts about Farmers Restaurant Group!

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

USGBC National Capital Region is excited to have Farmers Restaurant Group as experience partners for this year's A Midsummer Night's Green. Event attendees living in the National Capital Region may order a three-course dinner for pick-up or delivery, including a mocktail which may be turned into a cocktail, from Founding Farmers. Vegan and vegetarian options are available. Dinner for one is $67; dinner for two is $110. Orders will be taken until July 19 for delivery or pick up on July 22 or 23. Orders may be placed using this form.

In addition to serving delicious food made from family farm-grown ingredients, Farmers Restaurant Group is committed to sustainability in all aspects of its organization and buildings. Below are a few Green Fun Facts provided by Farmers Restaurant Group.

  • Founding Famers DC was the first LEED Gold restaurant in Washington, DC, certified in March 2009. Founding Farmers DC diverted more than 75% of the construction waste from landfill and achieved 30% water use reduction.

  • All Famers Restaurant Group locations have either achieved some level of LEED certification or are pursuing LEED certification.

  • Farmers & Distillers in DC became a 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant in June of 2017. HVAC Energy Management system, Energy Star equipment and low flow fixtures are some of the ways we earned points. Energy was our strongest category with 79.10 points followed by Waste Reduction at 54.10

  • Farmers Restuarant Group implemented Real-Time Energy Management solutions at Farmers & Distillers and Founding Farmers Montgomery County. The SmartNodes relay electrical usage data every second.

  • At Founding Farmers King of Prussia in Pennsylvania, where composting services are not widely available, we use a BioDigester that uses Aerobic digestion technology which uses a proprietary blend of microorganisms to naturally break down food waste into liquid form. Once food waste is completely broken down it is safely discharged as wastewater through any standard sewer line, resulting in complete diversion from landfill.

  • Farmers Restaraunt Group uses straws made from paper and hay.

  • Following the Completion of Construction, Farmers Restaurant Group performs a building flush-out in order to ensure IAQ compliance pre-occupancy.

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